A go-to-market strategy for an API management platform


Challenge: Bring the product to the market, create awareness around it and get initial users. 

Outcome: 2500 active users in 8 months.

Phase: Growth
Services: Product launch, Strategy
Industry: Tech/SaaS

The background

Treblle is an API management platform that helps you manage your APIs through the whole life cycle. They provide tools that save time and money for everyone working with APIs. Having spent a decade in software development, the team knew exactly the main pain points and how to bridge the gaps between the current solutions and the problems developers were facing.

The origin of Treblle dates back to 2017 when the team found itself building a lot of ad-hoc logging tools to help them debug various edge cases with APIs. They had so many projects that they spent their days providing support and putting out fires. So this single idea about viewing API requests as they were made in real-time brought their first PHP SDK(software developer kit) for Treblle.

In June 2021, while attending WebSummit, they connected with Nauta Capital. Later, this VC firm became their main investor with 1,4$ million dollars in a Seed investment round.

As soon as the investment was confirmed, the team approached Solveo. They intended to bring the product in front of more eyes and create a strategy for launching the product to the market.


The Pre-Launch Strategy

0 – 3 months 

Launching a new product to the market goes far beyond creative ads, video commercials, and digital marketing. Before starting with the go-to-market strategy, we had to know the ideal customer profile to meet the expectations.

In the first phase, we started with Market research, knowing the target personas and analyzing competitors.

When we got to know the product and the market, we dived deep into where our ideal customers hang out, their interests, how they talk, and the use case for every one of them.

The main problem with creating our messaging was that Treblle was an all-in-one platform. It solves problems that multiple tools do in one.

When you have a product like that, it’s essential not to present it to solve every problem to the API ecosystem. So we had to focus only on the most important features and go from there.

This allowed us to be faster and maximize efficiency.

Our initial strategy was to utilize communities and get our initial users. Then, when we had the research and the messaging in place, we focused on distributing content through communities.

The approach: The approach is to provide value first and then casually link your product. If the product is good enough, people will try it. Few of our posts were among the top 5 points of the month in subreddits like /Laravel /API / entrepreneur. This approach applies to Hackernews and Stackoverflow as well. A great strategy is also to interact in the comments.

Initial growth comes from doing stuff that doesn’t scale repeatedly.

Another thing that worked for us was recommendations. Developers are eager to try out new products if recommended by thought leaders in their space. So we reached out to a few influential people in the community to give Treblle a try. Twitter is the channel that works well for this type of campaign.

Some of the other tactics in this phase included: Getting on podcasts to raise awareness about the product, Listing Treblle on startup directories, Creating partnerships with influencers.

From 80 to 300+ signups in the first three months.
The focus for the next three months was to launch Treblle on Product Hunt officially.


The launch

3 – 6 months

Six months since Treblle got funded, it was time to launch on Product Hunt officially.

Good PH launch takes so much time and effort if you want to nail it right. It’s crucial to have your initial user base before you launch there. New products with zero users don’t tend to get value from PH. The preparations took us 6-8 weeks. The strategy used Twitter influencers to get people to upvote us on PH. At the end of the day, we managed to finish 7th.

treblle case study

After the Product Hunt launch, the Treblle user base has grown to over 400 active users; at this point, we started to run paid advertising.

Startups neglect the importance of having a solid social media presence. That is especially true for early-stage startups, so content creation was part of what we did across three different channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.


6 – 9 Months

Besides growing the user base, our focus is also to convert free into paid users in this phase. Therefore, one of the tactics we used was lead nurturing email campaigns.

Seven months into the project, Treblle officially hit 1000 active users, and two weeks later, we hit 2000 active users. 

We are delighted to continue working with the Treblle team and look forward to what the future holds.

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