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17 products you can build with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is on fire. It took it only 5 days to reach 1 million users and it shows no signs of slowing down.

I did some digging around Twitter and Reddit to find ideas for viable products you can build using ChatGPT and found 17 good ones:

1. Suggest viable product features

Take a look at the following prompt:


ChatGPT gave a pretty good answer to it:


The idea: ChatGPT doesn’t currently have access to the internet. But you do. You could make a tool that would scrape all bad reviews for a competitor, feed them to ChatGPT and ask it to create a product description/brainstorm product features based off those weaknesses.

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2. Ad builder for creators

Take a look at this prompt:


The answer:


Another answer:


The idea: One of the main problems when you’re an creator is finding a natural insertion point in your organic text/video for a sponsor. You could build a tool that would analyze a text and prompt ChatGPT to provide some natural insertion points for a sponsor you specify.

3. An advanced rewriter

ChatGPT is pretty amazing at rewriting:


Try doing that with a conventional rewriter.

The idea: You can make a rewriter tool with advanced options like:

  • Make the text sound more formal/informal
  • Make the text sound funnier/wittier
  • Shorten/make the text longer while keeping the same points
  • Provide it a bunch of bullets and let it write the text using a specific style

4. Create personalized plans (for weight loss, etc.)

This tweet inspired me for this idea:


The person then continued providing input to ChatGPT, which ultimately came up with a custom food plan:



The idea: You can do this with almost every niche, not just weight loss. For example, you could make a tool called “What’s the perfect business for you?” which will ask people a few questions about themselves, their expertise and then come up with personalized business ideas which suit their character

5. Advanced keyword research tool

Let’s say you have a blog about pet food and want to get more search traffic.

ChatGPT could help you brainstorm some keywords to target:


and also suggest some article ideas:


The idea: Most conventional keyword research tools can’t do this. With a few prompts, you could create a tool where you ask a person for their “core keyword” and brainstorm hundreds of good SEO-friendly titles. You could also add some interactivity so they can save their titles.

6. Slogan creator

ChatGPT is pretty creative. Especially when it comes to smaller pieces of text.

One person asked ChatGPT to create a new slogan for McDonalds and this is what he got:


The idea: You could replace “McDonalds” with any company name (or company description) and you could also specify the tone of the slogan. If you do it enough you can even build a database of funny slogan names for major companies.

7. Answer tests & quizzes

ChatGPT can answer multiple-choice questions pretty well:


The idea: You could create an universal answer bot where you ask it a few multiple-choice questions and record the answer. A user could feed a list of questions of a website with questions and then you would input that into ChatGPT and output the answer.

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8. Realistic social media post creator

ChatGPT can take many personas and do, say, Facebook posts:


The idea: After you prompt ChatGPT to write something, you could add something like “create 5 versions”. When a person chooses a version, you could prompt ChatGPT to “create 5 more versions like X”. You could also instruct ChatGPT to take a persona/character so the posts appear more genuine.

9. Personalized children’s stories creator

There’s an interesting post on Reddit I saw called ChatGPT revolutioned my kids bedtime.

Basically, the mom asked the daughter to give her a topic for the children’s story she wanted. The mom then generated the story with GPT-3 which was a game changer.

The idea: Games engage children and ChatGPT is…kinda like a game. They can tell you what they want (a story about elves and a princess) and voila! You could actually train ChatGPT to be a game, which leads me to the next section…

10. Coding helper

ChatGPT can literally write an entire app.

It can also iterate things in case it gets something wrong:


Not only that, but it can debug a code you specify:


…and compile code in another language.

*The idea: There’s a potential SaaS hiding behind all of these ideas. You could integrate everything ChatGPT does in a VS Code (or any other popular IDE).

11. Interactive text games

I’ve seen a lot of examples of people doing something along these lines:


The idea: ChatGPT can be quite versatile with text games. The only limit right now is…your imagination. You could be the relay of ChatGPT, prompting it with various text games people would pay.

12. Creative humor

ChatGPT isn’t the best at inventing jokes. But it can be quite good with a good prompt:


The idea: You could create a 9gag AI alternative with ChatGPT using creative prompts like these. The fact you get text means it can be indexed by search engines, giving it long-term search traffic.

13. Educational/interactive tutoring website

ChatGPT can be pretty good at explaining things:


The idea: You can create pretty good educational website around a topic by prompting ChatGPT to explain something “like I’m 5-year-old”. You could also have multiple explanations for something for people who don’t understand the initial explanation.

14. Script creator

ChatGPT can create a script for a movie:


15. Customer support SaaS

Some businesses already started doing this:


The idea: ChatGPT is highly interactive, meaning you can train it to be a highly interactive chatbot and do a lot of what human support is doing. This will be possible to do after ChatGPT has an option to save a chat session (which they announced as a feature several days ago).

16. Generate DALL-E 2 prompts

Yes, AI can be used as an input to another AI.


This is more of a meta example, but you get the point.

The idea: To create a good image with DALL-E 2 (and other AI tools), it helps to be highly specific. ChatGPT comes to the rescue if you can’t! In the future I wouldn’t be surprised if people use ChatGPT as input to other tools.

17. AI replies to social media posts

Some people have already started using ChatGPT for Twitter replies


I mean, sure…this is not the best example, but you get the point. Be more specific with your ChatGPT prompts and you could make realistic Twitter replies.

The idea: There are many social media tools that promise to grow your followers by being the first to reply to someone’s Tweet/Facebook post, and so on. This is taking things to a whole new level where the bot can reply to you. To take this further, you could customize the replies, give ChatGPT examples of a few good replies to that specific person and so on.

The future is exciting.. and scary.


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