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8 Programmatic Companies Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

Programmatic advertising is taking over digital marketing. In 2018, the programmatic companies spend was $70 billion. Zenith’s Programmatic Marketing Forecasts predict that by the end of 2019, the programmatic spend will be $84 billion, accounting for 62% of all digital media spending. 

The automated buying and placing ads have given companies many benefits, which causes enormous spending growth. With programmatic, brands can save time, target more precisely, and know exactly what they’re spending their money on. 

With the increased spending, the number of programmatic companies and advertising platforms has also been rapidly growing. However, brands should be careful when choosing the tools that they are going to use. 

8 Programmatic Companies Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know programmatic companies

We’ve made a list of the best programmatic advertising companies that can help you take your brand to the next level:


AdCanvas (now changed to Nexd) has created the world’s first post-HTML5 platform and a rich media self-service platform. They work with creative and media agencies and publishers, providing them with creative media solutions for mobile and desktop. 

According to the company’s website, the AdCanvas ads are on average ten times lighter than HTML5 ads and can be created ten times faster, with a two times higher rendering frequency. 

The company has two products – the RRM and the RM Thumbstopper. The first one creates templates for a media agency in a few days and the second one can create banners in just a few minutes, with all formats available. 

According to the company, their ads can outperform the industry’s average engagement results by up to 30 times. They’ve worked with many prominent brands, like Vans, Tiffany, T-Mobile, Samsung, Renault, Nissan, Ikea, Adidas, and many others. 


Celtra is an American creative management platform that helps advertisers improve their digital advertising. The platform supports display, video, native, and social formats. 

The creative made through the platform changes dynamically with data in real-time. It allows marketers to have complete control over their digital creative production and operations through the visual collaboration tools, portability of creative assets across different formats, and easy distribution across various platforms. 

They can also do conversion lift studies, brand lift studies, A/B/Z testing, and build reports to measure the campaign performance.

Vice, NBC, CNN, and Unilever, are some of the major clients Celtra has worked with.


Seenthis is one of Stockholm-based programmatic companies that connects advertisers, users, and publishers. They help their clients create quality ads with low loading time that can work on all major ad servers, DSPs, and SSPs. The company also offers two special services – Sennthis Play and Seenthis Swipe.

Seenthis Play is a service that optimizes videos for various devices, browsers, and bandwidth in order to create a flawless experience without interruptions. Clients can use it to increase brand awareness and improve their display advertising results. 

Seenthis Swipe is an interactive mobile format that combines a wide image with HD video and HTML overlays, allowing the user to see a lot of content without leaving the page. 

Levi’s, Renault, OMD, SEB, Barilla, and Thomas Cook, are some of the companies that have benefited from this agency.


Captify is one of the largest holders of first-party consumer search data outside of Google. The company’s search intelligence is designed to understand customer intentions regardless of the channels they use, like voice search, desktop on-site search, and in-app search. Many large brands have worked with this company, like Microsoft, Apple, American Express, Nike, PayPal, etc. 

Captify has two search intelligence suites – for advertisers and for data partners. The advertiser suite includes audience planning and activation tools and various insight packages. The data partner suite includes shaping how audiences access to content, insights, publisher intent consortium, and consent management.


Cablato provides real-time data management and content personalization services for advertisers, broadcasters, and agencies. The company has created a SaaS technology that helps its clients collect data and use it to personalize their ads, resulting in higher content quality, higher revenue, and return of investment.

Cablato offers its video personalization tool for OTT and addressable TV that helps its clients create and show personalized video ads without pre-rendering, versioning, and high costs for individual ads.


Adform is a Copenhagen-based company that has created a SaaS platform that combines buying, management, and placement of digital ads. The offer consists of three parts – a data management platform, a demand-side platform, and an ad serving platform. Through these platforms, the company provides detailed reports and creative tools that can improve the quality and engagement of ads. 

The company ensures all the processes are done with a GDPR-centric approach, operating in 19 different offices, including in the USA, UK, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, India, Turkey, etc.


Bannerflow has come up with a creative management platform that allows companies’ marketing teams to design, publish, and analyze their own display advertising campaigns. The company claims that its platform “removes the mystery of digital advertising” and gives clients “complete control over ad production and distribution”. 

Through the platform, marketing teams can manage the complete campaign, from start to finish, across all formats and modifications. Moreover, they also get a full overview of their costs and campaign performance. 

Bannerflow has been on the Deloitte Tech 50 and the Financial Times FT lists for three years in a row.


ADYOULIKE is a company that focuses on native advertising, creates better ad experiences by combining artificial intelligence, user experience, and semantic targeting. The company has created the AYL DEEP NATIVE ADVERTISING SUITE. That’s a native advertising platform that offers advertisers and publishers various content and video distribution solutions. 

According to AYL, their AYL Exchange is the world’s largest native advertising exchange marketplace that connects DSPs with native advertising. 

AYL has won several awards, including  Financial Times FT1000, French Tech 2018, Champion de la Croissance 2018, Inc. 5000, and many others.

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