We bring
bold ideas
to life

Solveo is a strategic design and innovation consultancy. We are experienced professionals that share the same passion for business innovation and design. We help companies and enterprises innovate faster, and discover new growth and business opportunities.


Our values


We are obsessed with the end goal and driven by results. We believe that nothing is impossible and we don’t stop until we see real impact and strong results.

Passion and dedication

We take each project as our own and work with immense passion, extreme dedication, and collaborative spirit until we reach the goal.


We are bold and fearless. We see what others don’t, we think big and deliver beyond expectations.

solveo team

Who are we

We are a multidisciplinary team of creative minds that deliver breakthrough solutions to the market. We welcome every project with an open mind and we use a human-centered approach to solving everyday problems.


“Solveo is a breath of fresh air,
inspiration and hope”

Rozita Talevska Hristovska,
EU House Skopje

Life at Solveo

Our office is a place where creativity meets data. We deliver breakthrough solutions and help your business grow. 

Collaboration and teamwork

Bold ideas are born in the most unexpected moments. We believe that two minds think better than one, and we embrace teamwork and collaboration above all.


Every new project is a new adventure. We never use the same framework twice and always seek for new ideas. Every brand has a story, and it is up to us to tell it.

Unique mindset

We approach every problem with an open mind. We embrace change and enjoy using a human centered approach to solving problems.

Our Story

In 2014 a graphic designer and a finance MBA (major) decided to further their careers in the continent’s biggest innovation hub. Pursuing a design strategy and innovation management degree we fell into the rabbit hole of design, innovation, creativity, and growth.

Founded in 2016, Solveo is the first strategic design and innovation consultancy in the region. Since our launch, we have been building a team and community of like-minded visionaries, and we’ve been helping companies tackle the wicked problems of sustainable growth and innovation in a new and creative way.

In the early days, we were inspired by the potential of young people to drive change and deliver breakthrough solutions. To enable this concept we used the power of crowdsourcing and open innovation for connecting companies and young people from the region. Constantly iterating, we developed a process that uses the design thinking method inside everything we do. This brought us to over three dozen successful product launches, and today we work with startups and enterprises from all over the world in various industries.

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