A1 “We CreateTogether” a co-creative product ideation

Following the motto “Each world of yours,” A1 Macedonia (Telekom Austria Group) aims to become a leader in offering the latest advanced digital experiences and tools, ensuring simpler everyday life, higher productivity, and connectivity.

All of this was to be done through a closer connection with its customers. This new vision’s main pillar was the new partnership concept with their customers entitled: We create together (Kreirame zaedno). This concept aims to strengthen the company’s relations with its customers while engaging in the co-creation of new products and services and improving the customer experience.

They approached Solveo for this pioneering project in the country. It is the first big company that recognized the customer’s role and potential in creating value for the brand. The company had a clear idea to solve any problem that their customers face with telecommunication technology. As we found out, the challenge was to recognize the problems that the target groups are facing.

We facilitated five co-creation workshops using the design thinking methodology, each for a different target group. The workshops were dynamic and filled with energizing activities to keep the participants engaged and comfortable.

Divided into teams, the participants were guided through the process of co-creation with design thinking tools by DT facilitators and mentored by A1 representatives. Our main focus was to develop a deeper understanding of the specific customer (persona), so we implemented an empathic approach to find out more about the customer’s problems/ challenges.

The co-creation sessions using a design thinking approach were tailored for every target group. In them, one goal was to visualize» a day in a life« of the participants to recognize customers’ most common problems and answer those problems with an innovative solution.

After gaining insights from customers’ point of view, the participants were encouraged to generate innovative ideas and concepts about telecommunication products & services. This resulted in more than a dozen co-created solutions for the defined problems and improved products & services according to customers’ preferences.

The customers happily engaged in the project and developed a deeper bond with the brand knowing that they have a seat at the “head of the table” in the creation of improved products & services. Together with the A1 product team, we worked with 13 teams of external customers covering the 4 target groups. A significant result of these hands-on co-creation workshops was the E-scooter and A1 Smart Home that are already successfully implemented and got enormous attention on the market.

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