Revolutionizing EdTech with an AI-powered search engine tool

The Challenge

Visual and audio content is becoming the dominant way of sharing information. Especially during the pandemic, we experienced this evolution on a large scale, especially in the EdTech industry. However, these formats pose a challenge when it comes to searchability, making it much harder to find and retrieve information, both within organizations and for outside users.

With this problem in mind the Omnisearch team created an AI-powered search engine that enables users to search through photo, video and audio site content just like they would in text flies. Once the beta version was released, the challenge became: How to reach the first potential customers and establish partnerships with key players in the EdTech sector?






Product Launch

Building Awareness & Launching with a Bang!

From our initial research, it was clear that potential customers were not fully aware of the problem with deep site search. This insight helped us define a strategy to get the attention and awareness of early adopters. In order to achieve that we implemented an integrated content strategy that included social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter, content distribution channels like Indiehackers and Hackernews and community-driven platforms like Reddit. Only from Reddit, we saw a massive spike in website traffic of 1,500+ people in just 2 days.

After gaining initial traction, we helped the Omnisearch team develop a Product Hunt launch strategy landing them the #1 spot as the product of the day.


Partnering with big EdTech providers to improve their user experience

A key part of developing a strategy to gain the first paying users was targeting large EdTech organizations. Using inbound and outbound strategies, we started conversations with decision-makers from the EdTech industry in 4 specific sub-niches.


The omnichannel strategy included over 17 approaches across different channels and a cold email approach with which we had a 77% open rate and 10% reply rate.


This strategy resulted in generating 10+ hot enterprise leads and establishing Omnisearch as a significant player in the EdTech space.




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increase in web traffic in 1 month


Product Hunt


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Marin Smiljanic – Co-Founder and CEO of Omnisearch

“They were very entrepreneurial and proactive in their thinking. Solveo’s efforts resulted in increased LinkedIn and Twitter engagements, generating hundreds of leads. They fostered an effective workflow by being communicative and responsive through Slack. Beyond their high-quality work, their versatility and proactivity were impressive.”