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Conversion Optimization Strategy: Converting Web Traffic Into Customers

Every web traffic – optimization strategy includes a few different elements. Of course, things like SEO, lead generation, web traffic conversion are just some of these elements. With a comprehensive web optimization strategy, you can expect to rank your website higher in search engine results. 

When website owners are looking for a way to improve the visibility of their websites, they are usually focused on getting more web traffic. This makes sense because the more visitors your website has the higher it will appear in the search engine results.

In addition, as a result of that, you can expect more sales. This might sound easy to some people, but getting from point A (attracting more web traffic) to point B (turning visitors into customers) is definitely not a smooth sail.

Conversion Optimization Strategy Converting Web Traffic Into Customers web traffic

Optimization success depends on the quality of web traffic

When we are talking about this aspect of optimization success, you should know that the quality of web traffic plays an important role. You don’t need to attract as many new visitors as possible. What you need is visitors that have shown interest in your offer.

As a matter of fact, if you have many visitors that are going to your website and leaving it after a second or two, your website might get penalized by search engines due to the high “bounce rate”.

So, focusing on visitors that have a real interest to be on your website, and making them visit more than one page on your website should be your top priority.

But, if these visitors are just wandering on your website without buying anything, you won’t be able to improve the number of sales. This is the basic goal of every business. The next issue that we would like to analyze is the process of converting that traffic into customers. 

Optimizing conversions to boost sales

Every website owner should ensure that they are making the most of the web traffic that their site receives. With the help of an internet marketing campaign, you can attract more visitors to the website (lead generation).

By lead generation, we mean the process of finding potential customers for your products and redirecting them to your website. Once they have loaded your website, you must do your best to turn your web traffic into customers

We will help you achieve this objective by sharing a few optimization strategy examples. For starters, in case your sales page is cluttered, the visitors will find it difficult to identify the best offers for them and where they can actually make a purchase.

Conversion Optimization Strategy Converting Web Traffic Into Customers web traffic

Converting traffic in real-time

Modern customers don’t have time to identify the buy button and go through a daunting, lengthy checkout process. Try to offer fewer options and make sure that the buy button is visible. At the same time, simplify the checkout process. 

But, we should also mention that there are situations where providing customers more options can be helpful. For example, many online businesses are providing bundles and special offers that consist of a few related products or services. This is a sales technique known as upselling which can definitely convert more visitors into customers. 

While we are discussing the appearance of your sales pages, we should mention a few more things. For example, it will help a lot if you use a significant amount of white space around BUY buttons. In addition, it would be nice to place these buttons in different positions in order to find the best position.

The button itself can come in different colors too. The color depends on the overall design of your website. Sometimes a red button can attract more buyers. But in other cases, it might look like something that should discourage people from buying your products.

Why web traffic conversion matter?

As part of a detailed optimization strategy, conversion optimization can help you with many things. Obviously, the main objective here is to make your site more efficient at leading visitors toward your business objective. 

If you want to achieve that, you must look for ways to get every element present on your site to work together. These elements include text, images, videos, overall design, theme, plugins, call to action messages and more. Converting traffic into customers is easy once you identify the exact combination of elements that work together.

In most cases, using a pair of fresh eyes (or a few of them) can help you optimize the appearance of your website. They can help you to include the elements that are missing. Using the help of an agency that provides services like creation and management of optimization strategies can speed up the process and deliver better results. 

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