Daily Dose of AI: The Tools Our Solvers Rely On

Welcome to the AI toolbox of our Solveo team!

New tools pop up almost every day, promising to help us with writing, research, analytics, design, presentations, meeting notes, SEO, automation, productivity and… – you name it, there’s probably an AI for it. Most of them are bad, but some of them are actually fantastic! 

Let’s be honest, our brains don’t always run in high-performance mode, so praise be the AI! And of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Mastering these AI tools requires some practice, especially deciding which ones perform best, how to use them, when to rely on them, and when to trust your own guts. But hey, it’s all part of the adventure, right? 

We’re here to share our experiences and introduce the AI buddies who keep our team running smoothly.

Let’s peek behind the curtain!

Nikola, Growth Marketing Manager

ChatGPT provides everything I need for my daily tasks, from writing personalized emails and copywriting to analyzing competitors, content, and campaign results. Before ChatGPT, I used to spend 1-2 hours generating ideas. The process is now much simpler, easier, and faster, allowing me to focus on more crucial tasks.

For instance, when we analyze our client’s competitors, I input data and specific queries about them, and ChatGPT provides insights into their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, which then helps us determine the right approach. That’s one case.

The other case is when I want to write content, whether a blog post, ad, or social media post, I turn to ChatGPT for suggestions based on current industry trends, competitor content, etc., and it usually gives good results.

Grammarly—Since English is not my native language and 90% of the content I write is in English, I can’t live without Grammarly. Before Grammarly, I made a lot of grammar mistakes, and I had to check them manually by searching on Google.

Dragana, Co-Founder and Creative Strategist

I use ChatGPT every day for both work and personal tasks. It’s an excellent assistant. Usually, before I use it, I structure my work completely, provide the correct bullets, and work part by part for a good output. ChatGPT is my buddy for:

  • Travel itinerary: When traveling with kids, I plan activities they enjoy, such as parks, playgrounds, fun museums… One kid needs to nap during the day, so we find quiet spots while ensuring the other kid is entertained.
  • Project proposals: Writing proposals is challenging. I create the structure and, with ChatGPT’s help, assemble sentences to complete the proposal. The input is 90% mine, but the wording is shared.
  • Data analysis: For large amounts of data, I upload reports to ChatGPT and ask for specific, actionable insights. This greatly reduces my analysis time.
  • Copywriting: ChatGPT helps me articulate my thoughts clearly and improve the tone of my writing. While I don’t rely on it 100%, it enhances the overall quality.

I’ve tried various AI tools, but ChatGPT is my go-to! While I use other tools for specific purposes, ChatGPT is essential for everyday use.

Ivo, Co-Founder and Idea Ambassador

Chat GPT/Claude

I’ve used the OpenAI products through their API since September 2022, before ChatGPT (I have API screenshots to prove it :). Now, I mostly use the ChatGPT interface for different use cases. I’ve also been relying on the Claude model from Anthropic in recent months. 

Most of the time, I am flushing out ideas for content and brainstorming on where to best distribute it. I use complex multi-step prompts and do a lot of back-and-forth with them, so they give me what I need.

I am learning new concepts such as Transformer models and how they work, DevOps concepts and the future of development, and the Python programming language and how it works. I usually pose a simple question and ask it to explain like I’m a five-year-old. Once we get through the simple concepts, I ask it to show me examples of higher complexity. 

As the models got better in the past year I have been also getting new automation ideas and how to implement them inside our company. This is again connected to the brainstorming use-case. Which is probably one of the best uses I have from this technology. An always on ready for action brainstorming co-pilot.

Irina, Growth Marketing Specialist

I remember managing daily tasks successfully before the AI era, but to be honest – not as quickly as now. For my daily tasks, I rely on ChatGPT to connect my ideas, get inspiration, and get instant answers to all of my questions. However … I hate it when a sentence starts with Uncovering, Unveiling, Unleashing, Unlocking, Shaping… it’s so ChatGPT, right? So I turn to Quillbot for rephrasing. Quillbot helps me expand my vocabulary. I even keep a notebook to jot down interesting words and phrases I learn. 

I am obsessed with grammar so naturally Grammarly is my very own proofreader and editor. 

I also enjoy using Ideogram.ai. It is so interesting to see how letters can become images in 20 seconds, so I experiment with different words and then admire the art that AI can create.

With the right playlist from Spotify, these tools work even better. I appreciate the time management benefits of AI, but the real fun is in communication and improving our relationships every day.

Lela, HR Manager and Design Thinking Trainer

As someone who values simplicity and practicality, Merlin has become my indispensable tool for daily tasks, document organization, and content creation for designthinking.mk. Merlin efficiently gathers and categorizes my research, manages documents, and handles administrative tasks, eliminating the need for multiple tools.

When writing, Merlin structures my drafts and provides real-time grammar and clarity suggestions, ensuring my content is polished. It also enhances creativity by brainstorming ideas and suggesting engaging introductions and alternative phrasings.

In the final stages, Merlin reviews my drafts and highlights areas for improvement, helping me produce professional content. However, I always add my unique touch to ensure my personal creativity shines through.

My “friend Merlin” can’t do everything alone, after all 😉

Merlin simplifies my workflow, boosts productivity, and ensures my work is both effective and uniquely mine.

Angelina, Lead Designer

Slowly but surely my horizons are expanding when it comes to AI tools. So far I’ve tried and used ChatGP, DALL-E and Midjourney. 

  • ChatGPT – I use it mostly for text and it’s so fun because I can ask anything about everything. It really helps me improve my ideas and develop my concepts sometimes, especially if I need to write a short brief about something or come up with a slogan for a certain brand. It’s great for when I’m in the research phase of a project, because it saves a lot of minutes of Google-ing stuff; 
  • DALL-E is a tool I use for visuals. It’s fun to explore possible versions for something I’ve already created, or when I want to see how a logo will look when it’s applied on a branding.  
  • As for Midjourney…I find it quite challenging, mostly because of the prompts, but having tried many more similar photo-generating AI tools (DALL-E, Ideogram, Gemini, Imagine.art, Dream Studio…) I think it’s most effective and it offers a variety of styles. 

Coming up with an idea is where I draw the line between me and AI. I’ve always been a firm believer that ideas are everything. You just choose the tools to create what you already had in mind. So, get all the “help” you can get, but keep the creative spark. 🙂 

Nino, Digital Marketing Intern

A AI tool I mainly use is ChatGPT as my assistant. Its ability to help me search in-depth has been invaluable, allowing me to gather a wealth of information efficiently. ChatGPT has streamlined my research process by providing comprehensive insights and guiding me to relevant sources. The convenience of having instant access to a vast amount of information at my fingertips has been a game-changer in enhancing the quality and depth of my work.

Furthermore, ChatGPT’s assistance in organizing my thoughts has been exceptional. By offering prompt and insightful suggestions, it has facilitated brainstorming sessions and structure development, ensuring that my ideas are well-organized and coherent. This level of support has significantly improved my writing workflow and productivity.

In conclusion, this paragraph serves as a perfect example of the practicality and efficiency of having an AI assistant like ChatGPT. The seamless integration of its capabilities into the writing process, from research to content organization, showcases the remarkable benefits of utilizing AI technology in writing tasks.

Nino by ChatGPT


So there you have it. A peek into our team’s go-to AI tools, that actually make a difference.

Just remember, while AI is your work buddy, it’s not a replacement for your own brilliance. The key is finding the perfect balance between your creativity and its assistance.

Need help? Check out our Launch with AI Program. It equips you with the insights and strategies you need to succeed in the AI era! It will show you the tools that actually work and deliver results, how to use them to their full potential, how to integrate them into your workflow…

It’s all about working smarter, not harder! 

Ivan Zografski

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