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Should a startup invest in its branding?

Whether they realize it or not, startups build their brands from the very beginning. So while brands appear to be about visual identity on the surface, they are ultimately expressed via behaviors.

The logo, fonts, and colors are essential, but they are just the visual representation of your objective, point of view, and actions. You should constantly be mindful and invest in the company’s activities, as here is where your brand genuinely resides.

Your brand is built by how you think about the problems you address, the value you bring, and how you articulate your objective. Next, your brand is formed by interacting with customers and vendors and how you engage them. Finally, your brand is built on how you respond when your technology or service fails.


A business should not invest in branding only when it lacks a clear understanding of its idea, clientele, and competitors. Branding isn’t something that just happens – it’s rooted in business strategy and actual data about what consumers want, know, and what you’re competing against.


Many startups need explanation and positioning, especially in the early phases.
And here comes what branding actually is about:

Competitive positioning.
At its essence, branding shows how you are significantly different from what people already know. First, determine your identity (as an individual and a corporation) and outline your key goals and vision.


Clear understanding.
Then, do things that emphasize and validate the features and values you’ve assigned to your brand. Get people to grasp your value proposition and how you are unique.

Building relations.
Customer loyalty is significantly reduced if your brand is unpersonable (it does not communicate, has no clear purpose, and does not act on particular unique values). Smart business owners are always looking for ways to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.


The final answer to the question is both yes and no!

Every action you take contributes to the development of your brand.
Should you invest money and time in brand development at this stage? No.
Should you consider what kind of brand you want to build first? Absolutely!

Using channels like a business blog, social media, communities, and so on can help you create the cool brand name you desire while also allowing you to reach larger audiences in a relatively short period and money.

Jana Andeva

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