Launching an aviation software that helps pilots visualize and digitalize pre-flight briefings

Airport Briefing is a new generation flight operations and training platform, and an ultimate situational awareness tool for any operating aviator. Complying with the aerodrome competence qualification requirements, it enhances the ability of the crew to identify operational black holes, manage obvious and subtle threats and creates a clear mental model of the environment before getting airborne.

Using this robust 3D software, the users will experience a visual treat covering every facet of their next flight, empowering their airmanship and decision making by enhancing situational awareness and knowledge.

Synapse Aviation approached Solveo in early 2018 with the aim to successfully launch the product globally. The team behind the product, four experienced Boeing 777 pilots, and their team of developers had spent three years in development. Having spent hours in pre-flight briefings and being aware of all the obstacles and opportunities, they wanted to craft the perfect flight briefing experience.

The very first step of the project was to dive deep into the pilots’ mindset and discover hidden key customer insights in order to be able to execute an effective positioning strategy and to get to the early customers. The high regulation and certification requirements for an aviation software, and the pricing of the product, challenged us to seek for alternative solutions and to find an extremely specific target audience which will become the very early community of pilots and product ambassadors. By designing and implementing a highly personalized digital approach, we managed to start building a strong community around the product, which would later become our ambassadors and co-creators. Airport Briefing was officially launched in June 2018 whereas through the execution of our strategy, we managed to come to 2.500 customers from 4 continents in the first month only.


Berlin Target AeroBriefing Solveo

Once we had our strong community, we carried forward with the execution of our scalable growth strategy which brought our first 6.000 iPad and iPhone users in less than 6 months. Through an agile process, we modified our approach on a monthly basis, maintaining a strong multi-channel effective digital strategy.

With the first traction and a strong strategy, the company managed to come to a few funding rounds and is currently in an improvement and growth phase, focusing mainly on building a B2B strategy and bringing the product closer to the airliners.

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