Launching an aviation software that helps pilots visualize and digitalize pre-flight briefings

The Challenge

The aviation industry is known for breakthrough innovations. However, as most flight technologies significantly advanced over the past few decades, the way pilots are briefed before a flight hasn’t really evolved. This is what Synapse Aviation was hoping to change with their 3D situational awareness briefing and training platform.

Through their EFB briefing system, they created a fully compliant way to enable pilots to identify operational black holes, manage obvious and subtle threats, and create a mental model of the environment before the flight. The challenge remaining was to get this technology in the hands of more pilots, and introduce airlines to this new possibility.






Product Launch

Building a network of users in the sky

The application development process was largely influenced by Boeing 777 pilots and their input. However, we soon discovered that they are not the ideal target for this application. Their substantial experience and the flight frequency along the same routes meant they needed very little briefing. Less experienced pilots on the other hand, were far more reliant on their pre-flight briefing and would benefit a lot more from the application. By focusing on less experienced pilots, we used a highly personalized digital approach to building a community of early adopters around the product, which would later become our ambassadors and co-creators.

This personalized approach alone helped us reach 1200 users in the first two months.


Scaling growth with a multi-channel digital approach

The initial users advanced our understanding of the target group, and based on the insights we developed a multi-channel, multi-continental digital growth strategy.


Combining paid ads, a relatable communication strategy, and our ambassador program, and gained over 6000 iPad and iPhone users in just 6 months.


The users provided valuable insights and feedback that influenced the product roadmap and its evolution. With the initial traction, the company managed to come to a few funding rounds and are are currently in an improvement and growth phase focusing mainly on perfecting the software and building B2B partnerships with major airlines.




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Launch with a bang

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