Elevating the Ride-Sharing Experience: Discovering Balkan User Preferences

The Challenge

The Balkans held immense potential in the bustling world of ride-sharing. Traditional Facebook groups dominated local commuting, presenting an untapped market for innovation. Seeking market validation and strategic positioning, our client partnered with Solveo’s research team.


Unleashing Insights on Commuter Habits:

  • Applied Jobs-to-be-Done research to prioritize key app features for development.
  • Conducted interviews and observed user engagement in Facebook groups.
  • We unearthed game-changing insights that fueled our client’s development roadmap.






Product Launch

Specific Insights Uncovered by Solveo’s Research Team about Balkan Commuter Habits:

Through our rigorous research, Solveo’s team delved deep into Balkan commuter habits, unearthing invaluable insights that shaped the ride-sharing landscape. Here are the specific insights we uncovered:


  • Over 50% of users in the Balkans preferred using Facebook groups due to the trust established through driver profile checks. This highlighted the critical role of trust in the decision-making process.
  • The existing Facebook group dynamics showcased a strong sense of community and familiarity among users, influencing their commuting choices.
  • Users appreciated the convenience and cost-effectiveness of ride-sharing but desired a reliable and secure platform that mirrored the trust they found in Facebook groups.

Discovering key insights to build a positioning strategy

Our client’s ride-sharing platform, meticulously crafted based on our research findings, offered a distinctive approach differentiating it from traditional Facebook groups regarding trust and security. 

Here’s how our client’s platform stood out:

  • Robust Driver Verification: Our client’s platform implemented a stringent driver verification process, ensuring that only trustworthy and reliable drivers were accepted. This instilled confidence among users, surpassing the trust levels found in Facebook groups.
  • Transparent Driver Profiles: Users had access to comprehensive driver profiles showcasing detailed information, ratings, and reviews. This feature empowered users to make informed decisions and establish trust immediately.
  • Secure Payment Systems: Our client’s platform incorporated secure payment systems, guaranteeing safe transactions and providing peace of mind to both drivers and passengers.
  • By prioritizing trust and security, our client’s ride-sharing platform eclipsed traditional Facebook groups, offering a reliable and secure experience that revolutionized the Balkan commuting landscape.


X2 User Engagement and Adoption Rate


Surveyed over 222,000 potential users
 Leveraging VideoAsk

20+ Real Life test drives 

Launch with a bang

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Build better products.