Bio Hack My World 2023 Empowers Biotech Startups to Unleash Entrepreneurial Potential

The Challenge

Bio-Hack My World – Biowaste is a winning proposal of the 2021 global Green Shark innovation challenge that catalyzes green entrepreneurial opportunities and inspires a new generation of environmental scientists and experimenters. Thanks to the initiative of UNDP and UNICEF, North Macedonia got the first open Biohacking laboratory with the latest technology equipment. UNDP needed a pre-accelerator program for startups that would motivate them to use the technology in the new laboratory to create innovation with biowaste transformations.

The Bio Hack My World 2023 program aimed to challenge and support startups, teams, and entrepreneurs in STEM research, biotechnologies, and biowaste transformation. The pre-accelerating program was also created to promote awareness and advancements in bio-waste transformation. The program showcased the Biohacking lab as a hub for innovation and facilitated the formation of 11 diverse teams with 37 participants. These teams aimed to address the challenges of converting biowaste into valuable products and transformative solutions, highlighting the potential for sustainable practices.

The pre-accelerator program used the Design Thinking methodology to empower participants by fostering a deep understanding of the innovation process and effective techniques. The participants used the following tools to develop their business idea: Stakeholder map, Persona, Waste Journey Map, Business model canvas, and prototyping in the Biohacking Laboratory.






Design Thinking

From Waste to Innovation: Bio Hack My World 2023 Sparks Sustainable Solutions

Solveo achieved significant milestones in the project, collaborating with the UNDP team to create a tailored program for biowaste transformation. The program guided participants from ideation to tangible outcomes. Solveo mentored teams and played a crucial role in their growth. Efforts were made to scout and motivate potential participants.

Bio Hack My World 2023 program achieved remarkable success, catering specifically to entrepreneurs and innovators in biotechnologies, biowaste transformation, and STEM fields. The program provided mentorship and guidance to support participants in developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) or proof of principles (POPs) for their scientific concepts. The state-of-the-art biohacking lab in Skopje served as an ideal venue, offering cutting-edge resources and fostering collaboration. The program culminated in a successful Demo Day, where 11 diverse teams showcased their innovative solutions to a captivated audience of investors and potential partners. This event highlighted the participants’ groundbreaking work, creating valuable networking opportunities and paving the way for future collaborations.


Igniting Excitement: Strategic Campaign for Biotech Innovation

With careful planning and meticulous execution, the team successfully launched a 30-day communication, social media, and promotional campaign to raise interest among entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups in biotechnologies and biowaste transformation. The objective was to attract a diverse range of participants and foster a vibrant ecosystem in these fields. Social media provided continuous updates, event announcements, and engagement opportunities.

An insightful “Ask Me Anything” session facilitated direct interaction between aspiring individuals and experienced professionals, fostering mentorship and connections within the community. The team also launched a targeted marketing campaign for the highly anticipated demo day, aiming to attract various institutions and facilitate collaboration. Influencer collaborations and strategic placements of eye-catching posters further enhanced outreach. Through these efforts, the team successfully generated widespread awareness and attracted 10+ distinct teams, entrepreneurs, and startups, paving the way for innovation in the newly established Biotechnology Laboratory in Skopje.




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