Business development and B2B strategy for a SaaS wedding platform

From the bride tossing the bouquet to wearing something old, new, and borrowed, wedding traditions and customs have been popular for decades, and even the most non-traditional couples happily take part. However, organizing a wedding is usually stressful, time-consuming and costly. Some traditions such as printing and sending out invitations, as well as sharing wedding photos to each person individually, have been quite a burden to the couples, that they have started to look for alternative solutions. 

Jas i Ti is an innovative and creative solution for weddings, where the product provides an easy and simple way of inviting their guests using the digital wedding invites, along with the other features the product offers such as location of the wedding, photos and sharing their love story. The personalised website offers all of the unique features and it’s time saving and cost-effective solution for the newly-weds.

Jas i Ti approached Solveo in 2018 at the very early lunch with the aim to find a suitable product-market-fit, and to create a suitable go to market strategy.
Changing a wedding culture is no easy task. Altho many modern couples are less likely to follow wedding traditions, still decisions are highly influenced by peers and family members and in order to change a tradition, we must affect everyone involved at a wedding. 


Our first step was understanding what obstacles Jas i Ti needed to overcome and how we can best communicate the brand value. Through market research, we determined that we first needed to focus on creating the demand, because our target audience was tied to the traditional ways, and wouldn’t likely try something new and unfamiliar. Following that, we created and tested multiple approaches for increasing brand recognition and bringing the product closer to its potential customers.

Early research analysis and insights pointed out that besides family members and peers, couples are often influenced by wedding organizers and wedding decoration shops. Our team crafted a strong B2B strategy that included strategic partnerships with wedding shops, organizers and flower boutiques. Together our teams were building a network of partners through which we will raise awareness, increase demand for the innovative product and drive sales. In less than 3 months we partnered with 10 partners which are now part of the Jas i Ti network and we enhanced the product and brand awareness. Through feedback, we gained major insights into the market needs and we determined the market positioning. We also defined the course of action for further product development and started executing the B2B strategy.

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