Designing the Blueprint for Fintech Advancement

The Challenge

In the fast-paced world of fintech, Preda+ identified a pivotal challenge: the imperative need to delve deep into user needs and market demands for truly impactful innovation. Responding dynamically, Preda+ introduced a transformative initiative—the Preda+ Fintech Hackathon, infused with an immersive week-long Design Thinking training. This strategic synthesis empowered six startup teams to infuse newfound insights into their concepts in real-time seamlessly.

Enriched by the Design Thinking methodology, this intensive training unfolded a profound understanding of innovation processes over five dynamic days—spanning empathising, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing. Beyond the technical realm, the program nurtured effective communication, teamwork, and leadership—fundamental elements for fintech triumph. Preda+ not only tackled immediate challenges but sparked a cultural renaissance, fostering agile and customer-centric fintech innovation. The integration of Design Thinking methodology positioned participants to craft solutions authentically resonating with customer needs—a testament to Preda+’s commitment to propelling fintech into a new era of dynamic and customer-centric innovation.






Design Thinking

Fintech’s Design-Driven Resurgence

At the heart of fintech, the Fintech Design Thinking Training transformed startup landscapes in the region. This week-long fusion of theory and hands-on experiences navigated Design Thinking phases specifically tailored to fintech. Participants immersed themselves in case studies and dynamic presentations guided by customised tools. From invigorating sessions to digital prototyping led by seasoned UX designers, the workshop delivered a comprehensive learning journey, empowering startups to redefine their innovation approach and thrive in the competitive fintech arena.


Embarking on a Week

of Fintech Transformation

Across five dynamic days, the Fintech Design Thinking workshop sculpted essential startup skills. Day 1 initiated the journey with empathising and defining, introducing stakeholder mapping and personas. Progressing seamlessly through ideation, testing, and idea refinement, participants wielded tools like Customer Journey Analysis and Business Lean Canvas. The week culminated in the perfection of pitch presentations and prototypes, capping off with a dive into fintech innovation that left participants skilled and inspired to navigate the ever-evolving financial technology landscape with confidence and creativity.

The Design Thinking Startup Training drove rapid innovation, empowering teams to pivot and refine solutions through hands-on engagement. This immersive program, blending theory with practice, honed not only technical but also essential soft skills. Notable moments included a shift to educational organisations based on user insights, navigating legal challenges to focus on local startups, and fine-tuning target market precision. This collaborative approach, rare in competitive environments, underscored the workshop’s impact on fostering adaptable and innovative mindsets.


Launch with a bang

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Build better products.