Empowering Organizations to Protect Privacy in the Digital Era

The Challenge

The industry faces privacy challenges in the digital age as personal data collection and sharing increase, risking privacy violations and potential loss of support. Strong data protection policies and transparency are vital to safeguarding individual privacy rights and maintaining trust in social justice organizations.

With this problem in mind, Quadrant 2 created Jotto, which enables organizations to receive authentic video feedback from their community while protecting their privacy. Once their product was ready, the challenge became: Which type of organizations can benefit the most from using Jotto and how to approach them?






Product Launch

Discovered Jotto’s strongest feature!

Our primary objective was to gather extensive feedback from our target market and engage early-stage testers to evaluate Jotto. Our initial focus was on NGOs, prompting us to approach several of them and devise a distinctive testing approach that extended beyond NGOs to encompass all event-organizing organizations. 


Jotto served as a communication tool throughout a three-week event, ensuring participants received timely notifications and updates regarding the event. The app was tested by more than 30 users, who found it user-friendly and convenient to download. They particularly appreciated its usefulness in staying updated with schedule changes, thanks to Jotto’s push notification feature. Through testing, we identified that end-users and organizations highly value push notifications as the most beneficial feature.


Personalized Content and Tailored Outreach: Maximizing Jotto’s Sales Funnel

Through our research, we gained a comprehensive understanding of Jotto’s messaging and positioning, which we implemented across various platforms, including the website and communication strategy. Our outreach strategy was meticulously segmented into four phases, each consisting of detailed activities and tailored content for both inbound and outbound approaches.


To streamline the sales funnel, we developed content that could be easily personalized for each lead within minutes. This allowed the leads to witness the specific benefits of utilizing Jotto for their organization by incorporating their own content. Not only were they able to experience a personalized demo, but they also received immediate materials that could be shared with their team.


Our outreach efforts extended to over 1,000 organizations, resulting in a remarkable 32% response rate. As a result, we consistently scheduled at least two demo sessions each week.




communication tactics




organizations reached


Templates for personalized outreach

Jason Van Anden –
Founder and Chief Technologist of Jotto

“I am happy with what Solveo have produced and I really appreciate the team. They helped me developed our go to market strategy as well as awesome marketing materials. You inspired me to get where we are now!”

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