Inventing Tomorrow’s Tourism Landscape

The Challenge

In the Vardar region, a pressing challenge loomed over the tourism sector: a lack of innovative solutions to elevate the visitor experience and boost regional appeal. Preda Plus recognized this void and spearheaded a transformative initiative through the Vardar Innovation Hub. The problem statement was clear—traditional approaches were no longer sufficient in a rapidly evolving industry. The Design Thinking training and workshop became the beacon of change, unravelling a multifaceted solution. 

By immersing startup teams in the principles of Design Thinking, the Hub ignited a paradigm shift. The teams emerged equipped not only with groundbreaking fintech startup ideas but also with a refined skill set to empathize with their target users, define critical problems, ideate innovative solutions, prototype with precision, and rigorously test their concepts. This solution wasn’t just about addressing a single challenge; it was about instilling a culture of continuous innovation that promises to redefine and revitalize the Vardar region’s tourism landscape. The Vardar Innovation Hub is a testament to the power of Design Thinking in solving complex challenges and propelling regions into a new era of dynamic and customer-centric tourism innovation.






Design Thinking

The Design Thinking Startup Training Experience

In the heart of the Vardar region, the Design Thinking Startup Training unfolded as a transformative journey, reshaping the landscape of startup innovation. The week-long program seamlessly blended theory with hands-on experiences, offering a comprehensive exploration of the Design Thinking phases tailored to the unique context of startups. The participants delved into the intricacies of Design Thinking with a presentation elucidating its phases and practical application within the startup realm. Enriching case studies from trailblazing companies in the tourism sector demonstrated the real-world impact of Design Thinking, inspiring the teams to envision possibilities beyond the conventional. Customized Design Thinking tools became the guiding compass, aligning the training with the specific needs of the participants and their fintech startup ideas. From energizers and mind setters setting the tone for creativity to digital prototype development sessions led by seasoned UX designers, every facet of the workshop contributed to a holistic and dynamic learning experience.



The Design Thinking for Startup Innovation workshop delivered transformative outcomes, emphasizing immersive learning and collaborative problem-solving. Teams were armed with the skills and confidence for rapid creativity, marketing, and scaling of practical solutions. Through interactive sessions, participants not only grasped the theoretical foundations but actively engaged, cultivating hands-on innovation. The tailored program bore fruit as teams successfully formulated, tested, and refined solutions with continuous improvement of digital prototypes. Engaging in discussions validated solutions, enhancing questioning skills and proficiency in adapting solutions. The workshop’s culmination showcased teams confidently refining pitching skills for potential funding partners, extending Design Thinking’s profound understanding into practical day-to-day business operations.


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