Launching a no-code visual development platform in the US market

With a product created from a personal need and clear vision of a future where anyone can be a developer, the Pleeco team developed their visual development platform Kelp. With their decade-long experience with data application development for the investment banking market in the US, they had experienced first-hand what the limitations of traditional development are and created a tool that would cut down the development time and enable a collaborative approach to application development. At the same time, the global no-code and low-code movement is spreading faster than ever with more and more new tools coming out that tackle development from different angles and applications. The market is becoming more competitive by the day, as more and more citizen developers and enthusiasts are straying from the traditional coding route into the new way of building without code. While the excitement is growing in the field, already established brands and newcomers are grasping for an ever larger chunk of the growing market. Furthermore, communicating the value with the specific niche that stands to benefit most from a product like Kelp posed the real challenge – identifying them and discovering where to connect with them. Facing this challenge, Pleeco was looking for a partner that would not only help them launch their brand but also help them define their positioning and refine the brand as it evolved and grew, serving as a consulting marketing team that would research, strategize and execute. From the beginning of our partnership in early 2020 until the end of the year we were able to assist Kelp in identifying their specific niche and attracting over 1000 early access users. Together we discovered the key selling points of the platform and where to communicate them with real potential users in the online world. Lastly, we created a launch strategy that will put Kelp on the map as a serious player in the no-code market, combining a attraction and retention strategies.

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