Launching a SaaS microservices platform

Fueled by a mission to bring digitalization closer to large enterprises, doxTeam is a service provider that works on the cutting edge of software development. They are a pioneer in software development in the Balkans, which has created several successful products in the past. Delivering complex software solutions for enterprises like Nederman, Swiss Re, IMP Digital, they repeatedly saw a need to improve back-end development and DevOps in every project. 

To improve their working processes, doXteam developed an innovative back-end-as-a-service platform that effectively cut development time by 90%. Starting with the name of the product Microtica and parts of the idea developed by doXteam, they approached Solveo with a need to find product-market fit. The goal was to design the brand, alpha test it with potential users, and design a go-to-market strategy to find the first 1000 customers. 

The modern software developer was interested in making the process of delivery of software solutions a more hustle free setting. The current environment was full of repetitive tasks and constant back and forth between clients and developers. Conducting research, surveys, and interviews with potential customers revealed what back-end developers wanted but lacked: component reusability, time savings, and automation of the software delivery process. 

While talking to potential customers, Microtica developed a greater understanding of their immediate and future needs in software development and automation processes. Solveo translated those customer insights into a holistic set of core values aligned with Microticas’ focus. Through a co-creation process, the teams fully designed what the brand stands for and how it shows its unique value proposition. 

As the client put it, “Solveo was the needed creative energy that was needed to move the project forwards and on to the market.”

A team of Solveo innovators, building on the core values of Microtica, designed a thorough definition of the target market and potential customers, together with a strategy for positioning and market penetration. Finally, testing all this with future customers that provided feedback based on prototypes and mockups.

Using external and internal workforce and ideas, the Microtica team, together with Solveo, managed to build three fully functional prototypes that targeted other customers. The Microtica team learned where they should focus their efforts on the launch and the scale phases.

Going through this whole process crystallized doxTeam’s ambition for Microtica to go beyond what they envisioned in the beginning. Microtica would become a cornerstone of their future business strategy of democratizing software development for everyone. As one user summed it up: “This just makes my life easier. I can manage more projects more effectively with it.”

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