Reimagining code reviews to preserve code as a craft

The Challenge

Creating software that works flawlessly results from teams of engineers thoughtfully crafting each line of code. Every engineer writes code in his or her own way, but it’s important that their output fits with the greater objectives. Preserving this balance between freedom and uniformity is a challenge for many companies and engineers as well.

The Sema team already had a long-lasting relationship with software companies and teams, which provided them with great insights into this challenge. With a strong appreciation for engineers as the craftsmen that they are, they released a code review solution that empowers engineers while bridging the gap between them and their superiors and helps in the process of teaching, onboarding and recruitment as well.

Standing at a crossroad of possibilities, the Sema team reached out to Solveo for directions along their launch journey.




SaaS/Developer Tools


Product Launch

Earning early adopter trust through a multi-benefit approach

Creating a solid first impression is key to acquiring the initial users. As builders of the internet, engineers are easy to reach online. However, they are highly resistant to common marketing approaches. To gain their trust even in the early stage of the product development cycle, we approached the targeted audience by starting conversations and involving them in the development process itself.
With this multi-benefit approach, we reached out to potential users from different backgrounds using 17 channels and approaches, and in that way, we strengthened our knowledge of the market and gained initial traction.


Building a network to boost traction

Sema’s solution was envisioned to be used by teams. Thus, it was essential to attract groups of collaborators to use the tool together. To do this, Sema created a rapid growth feature to utilize the network effect. To attract more attention from the right niches and boost brand awareness, we created a variety of high-value content, which brought the brand even closer to the audience and collaborating with tech influencers.
Another part of the strategy was growing a user base by utilizing the founder’s network, which we did by boosting the founder’s personal brand on Twitter, Reddit, and his appearance in several podcasts.


This approach gained Sema over 1500 followers on Twitter and helped in reaching more than 5000 potential users in just 5 months.




 beta users gained


feedback sessions with users


different approaches tested


increase in Twitter followers

Matt Van Itallie, Founder and CEO of Sema

Sema has been extremely pleased with Solveo, and we would highly recommend them.

They are smart, detail-oriented, passionate growth hackers who have greatly contributed to our growth. I recommend them fully.


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