Navigating New Paths: Omni-Channel Strategy for Growth

Waste Management Fleets have their own set of problems that make it much more difficult to manage. Public demands and timeliness and heavy-duty abuse, add a level of complexity to managing the Waste Management fleet. EZtoTrack Software offers a great solution for this problem that Waste Management fleets have. They provide fully-automated, error free solution for tracking your roll-off containers. No phones, no scanning, no human interaction or data entry needed.

The problem that EZToTrack had was the lack of customer acquisition, as in the past they mostly used brick and mortar marketing strategies and they sold the software in company events for Waste Management companies where most of their target audience was at the time, this type of strategy is not as consistent now as it was in the past, so they needed to find different ways and channels to contact and acquire new clients.

They approached Solveo in September 2019 with the aim to discover and test a new and untapped opportunity in user acquisition. 

The strategy: Omni-channel method. Using different modern channels for user acquisition like Social media platforms, E-mail, Reddit and cold phone calling. Not to direct sales but through providing values for the users before the sale.

Our approach was divided into two parts:
First one is building engagement by posting on social media specifically on Facebook groups and LinkedIn communities where most of our target users communicated.

Second one is LinkedIn outreach: Contacting our potential clients directly through the Sales Navigator, which is a platform that gives us the ability to target specific leads from the USA from the specific industry that we need.

We also made a full report on the Waste Management industry in 2020, in which we analyzed 100+ Waste Management business owners in the USA and found out about all the recent trends in the Waste industry. We used the Waste Management report as Lead magnet for social media engagement and also for the LinkedIn outreach.

With this Omni Channel approach we were able to drastically increase the engagement on social media, and also to create 28 hot leads in less than two months.We found ways to contact the right clients at the right time, also to create engagement with our clients, nurture them and get information that helped EZToTrack to improve their customer acquisition even during this Covid19 pandemic.

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