How to create better Products & Services for your Customers?

Join us on Wednesday,
November 23-rd at 16:00 – 17:30 (GMT+1) and learn how you can improve your innovation and management processes with the Design Thinking methodology

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Why should you attend:

  • Learn how organizations around the world use Desing Thinking to accelerate their innovation process
  • Find out examples and success stories from large and small businesses, governments and schools around the world
  • Hear tips from our experience in planning and facilitating a Design Thinking project
  • Learn about the many ways Design Thinking can be implemented in an organization, from workshops to sprints and longer projects
  • Learn how to become a better manager and leader with Design Thinking

This webinar is designed for managers and team leaders from the private and public sectors who are interested in implementing the Design Thinking methodology in their projects and workflow.

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