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How to generate buzz before a product launch?

With so much time and effort developing your new product, it’s easy to neglect the critical aspect of getting the word out to potential clients. 

The entire point of making a product is to sell it. Finding product launch ideas can be both nerve-racking and exciting. The most difficult challenge is getting people to queue up for it before it is even out.

When it comes to successful product launches, Apple clearly understands how to introduce a product for maximum sales. Their stellar reputation and sometimes-fanatical followers undoubtedly play a big role. But there are several ways that almost any organization may use to stimulate their accomplishments.

We’ll share several tips that we employ with our clients to generate online buzz ahead of a product launch in this piece.


Be present from the very beginning.

Promotional activities for your product must begin as soon as you start working on it. Therefore, it is good to plan out a marketing activity curve for your product. Start with some slow steps and progressively build up to a peak exactly around the time your product is supposed to hit the market, i.e., the launch.

Start a blog if you enjoy writing. Create a YouTube channel if you’re comfortable speaking in front of a camera. You can also start a podcast, post Medium articles, or create a community.

Be yourself and share authentically. Don’t stress about selling; instead, create material that shows your genuine interest or skill. Simply be helpful.


Create up-front excitement

It takes time and effort to generate internet buzz for a product launch, but the effort is worth it. 

The trick is to maintain a sense of secrecy while hinting at exciting things to come—tweet enticing hints. Put a big “Coming Soon” banner on your website and Facebook page. Share sneak peeks without giving too much away. Make teaser videos and upload them on YouTube. 

If you execute this well, you will be likelier to make a large splash when you finally launch.


Build a pre-launch user base that loves the product and has exclusive access to it.

After you’ve gone as far as you can with your internal teams, you might wish to test your product on the part of your target audience before releasing it to the whole public.

This is an excellent tool for stress-testing your product. Public testers can help identify flaws or usage patterns that your QA team missed or did not anticipate. Another advantage of Beta testing is that it aids in attracting early-stage users. Those people are your pre-launch user base, and they should have exclusive access to your product. They already love your product and can help you spread the news about the launch.

Remember to reward your early users for their loyalty. Especially if they helped you with the promotion of the product, they deserve some reward, and you should provide them with a lifetime deal or an exclusive offer.


Get influencers or important people in the industry to hype up your product.

Influencers aren’t just for the fashion and beauty industries. We demand adequately prepared content marketing in short videos or written assessments even more in the tech world. This is where tech influencers help simplify software language into simply digestible information for potential users to understand the product. 

Encouraging influencers to talk about your new product on social media is a simple yet efficient method to get your product launch off to a good start. Find your brand’s influencers, reach out to them, and create a relevant hashtag that they may use to promote your product. Keep the mystery going by not telling them everything, but give them special tidbits that they may share with their followers. 



You may not have entire departments of marketers and public relations experts scheming for you. Still, you can prepare a launch that will amaze people even if you are the only person working on it.

Plan out what information you’ll disclose and when you’ll release it, who you want talking about you, and how you’ll make your product launch something to talk about.



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Stefan Despotovski

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