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Idea Generation: How To Define Which Ideas Are Worth Working On?

After a brainstorming session or some other similar activity that leads to idea generation, it’s not uncommon for the initiator of these sessions (the manager/business owner) to be overwhelmed with interesting ideas.

Since we all have limited resources, it’s virtually impossible to implement them into your operations and test them in order to find out whether they are good or not. That’s why it is highly recommended to find a way to define which ideas are worth working on.

One of the things that can help you with these dilemmas is ideation. This is a creative process which involves the development and generation of new ideas. According to this concept, every idea is a basic element of thought and comes in an abstract, concrete or visual form.

The idea generation process includes activities like innovation, development, and actualization. This is the backbone of the design process. With professional help, you can take advantage of the ideation process and come up with a few business ideas that will be worth your time and money. But, before opting for a service like this, it’s a smart idea to learn more about the things that can help you understand which ideas have good potential.

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How to find the best ideas: a few basic tips for idea generation

There’s a reason why the process of selecting the best ideas starts with the analysis of their characteristics. In this way, you can decide for ideas that were presented to you by your employees, business partners, external advisors or anyone else. By taking these things into account, you will conduct basic idea testing that should make things a little bit clearer. 

To start with, you should do research and see whether someone else is using that same idea. Things are changing quite fast in the modern world. So,  it’s not rare for a few businesses to get similar ideas at the same time. While we are talking about situations like this, we should also mention that your idea doesn’t have to be completely unique.

Let’s take coffeehouses. A few decades ago, people were usually sitting in these establishments when they wanted to drink a cup of coffee. But, after a while, the fast lifestyle practised by many people has encouraged some coffeehouses to create “coffee to go” offers. So, this was not a brand new idea, but it was upgraded and improved and focused on a specific category of people.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business idea you have if you want to ensure that it’s worth working on, this idea has to solve a certain problem or multiple problems. Obviously, this means different things in different industries.

For instance, in the telecommunication sector, a good idea that can be turned into a product might mean a solution that provides quality communication at lower rates. Sometimes it can come in the form of additional features that your target audience will find helpful. 

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Getting ideas from the crowd

Creating a crowdfunding campaign can help you find the best ideas too. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to create a crowdfunding campaign and see whether people and organizations have an interest in investing in your idea.

Keep in mind that there were many cases when businesses didn’t get the funds they need in this way, but they’ve found investors in a traditional way. That’s why we’ve said that this is just one way to test the value of your business ideas.

The idea that you would like to turn into reality should be easy to understand. If you want to come up with an idea like this, you will have to spend more time on the details. Don’t share your ideas with the public if it’s still in the first phase. Investors want to get information about the concept and the potential that the idea has

Final thoughts for the idea generation process

If you want to find the best ideas, you should start analyzing and testing these ideas before the ideation process begins. First and foremost, you must identify the criteria that you will use to evaluate these ideas. Next, you will have to assign a person or persons that will assess these ideas. Once they identify a few ideas that have potential, they should be given to your teams for detailed assessment. 

There are many idea generation techniques that you can use, but you should not forget that not all of these ideas should be turned into reality. The best ideas are the ones that can be used in a growing market where they can fill a need or gap.

Once again, it’s worth mentioning that there are professionals in this field that can help you at any stage of this process thanks to their expertise, experience, and creativity.

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