Convince your boss

 Not sure how to convince your boss?

No worries – we’ve got you covered! We’ve crafted a sample letter below to simplify the process.

Get ready for an amazing time at Innovate.X 2024!


Dear {Name},

I/We would like to attend the Innovate.X 2024 Innovation Festival occurring on 28th and 29th May 2024, at Marriott Hotel Skopje. This innovation-focused event, powered by Solveo, offers a unique opportunity for teams passionate about internal innovation, like ours, to connect, collaborate, and grow alongside industry peers, policymakers, and leaders from various sectors including healthcare, financial institutions, and education.

By participating in this two-day innovation sprint, we aim to leverage AI-powered tools and design thinking methodologies to bring new insights into our company’s innovation efforts. Innovate.X 2024 will feature inspirational talks, collaborative sessions, and expert-led workshops on the latest trends and strategies in innovation, sustainability, and marketing technologies.

Here is how we envision our participation at Innovate.X 2024 will benefit our company:

  • Collaborative Learning: The event’s workshops will enable us to engage in direct learning from experts, acquiring actionable strategies to implement AI and sustainable solutions in our projects.
  • Networking with Leaders: Interaction with business leaders and innovators will foster valuable connections, potentially leading to partnerships that could drive our future growth initiatives.
  • Staying Ahead: Access to global trends and innovative approaches will place our company at the forefront of the industry, maintaining our competitive edge.
  • Fueling Team Growth: Bringing back the knowledge and the modern tools from the festival will empower our team to enhance our innovation capabilities, directly contributing to our business development.

You can explore more details about the innovation workshop.

Post-event, we plan to compile a detailed report outlining key takeaways, potential actions we could take, and insights on how we can align our strategies with the powerful practices discussed at Innovate.X 2024.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need further details. We believe this is a valuable opportunity for both ourselves and our company, and we are eager to take full advantage of it.

Thank you for considering our request.


{Your Name}