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The Best Ways To Promote Your Business In a COVID-19 World!

Digital marketing trends and ways to promote your business evolve rapidly even in normal circumstances. But during the recent global pandemic, there was an instant global shift in behavior. Everyone’s eyes were turned to their electronic devices, which have truly become our window to the world. 

That’s why now, more than ever, we need to keep attracting customers and keep the existing ones engaged through digital channels. So, what are the best digital marketing tactics that brands are using globally in a world in quarantine? Find out what they are and how to use them to your advantage:

1. Video content and ads

Even prior to the global pandemic, the projections showed that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will be due to video.  The ease and speed at which videos enable us to digest content while scrolling, as well as the overwhelming keenness of watching instead of reading present in younger generations, make videos the new holy grail of digital communication.

The pandemic only accelerated what was already happening, increasing interest in video content even further. 

The Best Ways To Promote Your Business In a COVID-19 World promote your business

The New York Times 

Platforms like YouTube and TikTok saw a 15% increase in use, and streaming services like Netflix bet on the lasting impact of the demand surge by giving free trials. In the case of video ads, we’ve known for a while that they increase engagement compared to static image ads.

But what is also important to consider is that due to less demand, there is a decline in the price of online advertising. The cost reduction means less expensive video advertising for everyone who will take advantage of this opportunity.

2. Promotions and free digital content

Giving more for less has always been a good way to attract attention. In a Covid-19 world, it’s not only a good idea but a must. You don’t need a statistic to tell you that almost all brands have a promotional deal going on right now. On the other hand, engagement on digital content is also going up up up. Take podcasts for example. Compared to the first week in January, U.S. weekly podcast downloads were up 20% for the week ending April 19.

There are many ways to give your existing and potential customers more for less. A reduction in prices is a tried and proven way, but try to focus only on the items in demand right now.

Another way to do this is through flexible payment plans. And when it comes to free value, if your business is service-based, you can host webinars, start a podcast, or create informative e-books.

And for the product-based business (or for anyone, really) create informative and entertaining content around your product (or mentioning your product). Think about the first soap operas and P&G cleaning products. It’s time that strategy made a comeback! It’s time to employ it as a way to promote your business during these times.

3. Shoppable posts and stories

Even prior to the pandemic, 36% of internet users in the US said that social networks have become as important as other information sources for making purchase choices. Facebook usage alone has grown by a whopping 27.

At the same time, we are seeing a big decline in organic traffic in most industries – a sign that people are not necessarily looking to shop, as the primary concern right now, other than health, is finance.

However, people didn’t necessarily stop shopping, and according to this IZEA report, Social Media users were 2.6 times more likely to have purchased non-essential items during quarantine compared to those who don’t use social media

Social media has always been a great place to market goods especially because it does something that traditional media can’t do – it bridges consumers directly to shopping sites. With the recent surge in usage of Social Media platforms, it’s a good time to turn up your Social Media Marketing efforts.

Furthermore, you should up your game by including shoppable posts and ads. Consumers are getting used to shopping on Social Media, and including these links in your posts will definitely boost both traffic and sales.

4. E-Commerce

E-commerce has been experiencing steady growth for a long time now, but during the virus outbreak, many consumers simply have no other choice. While food and necessities are the top-selling items across all nations, consumers are not only buying bread and toilet paper. Amazon’s statistics on what consumers are interested in is a sign that there is hope even for businesses that sell non-essential items.

The Best Ways To Promote Your Business In a COVID-19 World promote your business

If you have an online business, it’s a good time to improve the customer experience. CRM is more important than ever, and there are a few small things you can do to improve your customers’ satisfaction. For one, never leave them hanging. Customers expect to be replied to immediately, so chatbots (website plugins or automatic response systems on Social Media) are a great idea.

Also, retail email open rates 40% higher than they were pre-COVID-19, so it’s a good time to double down on your e-mail communication as well. 

But what can you do if you don’t have an online shop? According to KPMG, Digital Transformation was the biggest challenge businesses face even before the Coronavirus outbreak, and especially in a time crunch, it’s difficult to digitally transform and promote  your business overnight. One way you can do it is to sell through Facebook and Instagram, and consumers can order via message or phone number.

However, it’s worth noting that a professional website will be worth it in the long run and that it’s as good a time as it’ll ever be to invest in your own digital transformation. If you don’t know where to start, you are in luck. We’ve decided to give our expert guide on digital transformation for free, and you can get it your self right HERE!

5. E-empathy

This is not a good time for a hard sale. But what can you do when you need to sell to sustain your business? How do you promote your business without sounding like all you want to do is sell (because you desperately do) and how do you attract new customers when even your old ones are less interested to buy? The answer is simple, but also incredibly complicated. You need to show deep and true empathy in all of your digital activities.

Empathy is not only Gary Vinerchuks favorite word, and the way New Zeland beat the Corona Virus. It’s also your best strategy to keep your customers and attract new ones too. If you can afford it, it’s a good time to give.

Drive sales by publicly stating that you will donate a % of profits to the fight against the virus. Donations are not only good for publicity but also grant your brand some street cred. However, this is far from the only way your brand can be empathetic.

Being empathetic in your communication and sales tactics is a way of focusing on what you can give instead of what you get. It’s about understanding what your customers are going through.  Learn how you can connect with them at that moment. It’s about listening, interpreting, and responding adequately.

Offering deals, having a great digital customer experience, and giving value through content are only a few of the ways in which you be empathetic as a brand. If you are experiencing delays in shipping and delivery, being transparent and informing your customers about any changes is also important.

EbookBanner promote your business

And in the services business, there are over 20 empathetic ways to keep your community engaged right now. But overall, in every add, post, blog, or video, speak about the true value that you are giving and make sure that your message matters in a COVID-19 world.

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