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Web presence optimization: an important part of a successful digital strategy

It doesn’t really matter whether you are running a small business or you are an owner of an enterprise-level organization – your presence on the Internet is a must. In the past, many businesses thought that it’s enough to create a simple website in order to follow these trends. This might have been a good strategy in the 1990s and early 2000s, but the situation today is different. In order to get results online, you will need a well-optimized web presence.

The world of business is changing and these changes are becoming faster and faster every year. The things that were useful and helpful yesterday may become useless today and they could become bad for your business tomorrow. That’s why you need an up-to-date digital strategy that can help you embrace these changes and use them to support your business.

A digital strategy represents a framework, a concept and a set of plans which can help marketers, managers and business owners to get the most from digital tools like social media, websites, data analysis, online marketing, mobile, and other uses of modern technology.

The strategy you create will provide the things you need to implement digital approaches that can help you accomplish objectives of various business activities like HR recruitment, marketing, product development, customer service and more.

web presence optimization

A few different types of marketing and special techniques to boost your web presence

Your digital strategy should include a wide array of elements – from a basic online presence and online sales to online security and marketing. In this article, we will focus on the different types of marketing which are part of successful digital strategies. With these marketing solutions, you can strengthen your web presence and optimize your website and other forms of presence on the Internet.


We will start with SEO. As you are probably aware, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Even though it’s difficult to determine how much web traffic comes to websites from organic search, most experts believe that more than half of web traffic comes from popular search engines like Google or Bing.

On the other hand, SEO is a process which involves different activities focused on making a website more search engine-friendly. In other words, SEO can make your website more visible to search engines.

From proper use of keywords and suitable image captions to backlinks and meta descriptions, SEO is a complex activity which promises results when done in the right way. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in order to make search results more relevant to their users and website owners should follow these changes in order to stay on top of these searches.

Professional help is a must if you are looking for long-term results. The importance of SEO in digital marketing should be taken seriously and investing in an activity like this is an investment that will eventually pay off.

Content marketing

Technically, content marketing is not part of digital marketing, but these two types of marketing are interconnected and they should definitely be analyzed together when we are talking about a digital strategy. Content marketing is all about creating, publishing and sharing content for a specific category of Internet users (your target audience).

Numerous examples have shown that creating and sharing relevant, fresh, unique and valuable content is one of the best things that you can do to attract and keep the consumers interested in your online offer.

When we are talking about content marketing, we should mention that this type of marketing is not limited to blogs and articles. Infographics, videos, podcasts, and even GIFs can be part of this form of marketing. The basic goal here is to inform and entertainer visitors and provide value. Content marketing is a digital opportunity that you should not miss when you are trying to optimize your web presence strategy.

web presence optimization

Search engine marketing

This is another form of marketing that has a lot of things in common with the rest of the techniques we’ve shared in this article. Generally speaking, SEM, represents a process of gaining web traffic from search engines.

You can use paid and unpaid techniques to gain traffic and visibility. For instance, article submission in article directories is a free technique which is part of search engine marketing. On the other hand, PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are paid campaigns which you can use on search engines, social media, etc.

With proper search engine marketing, you can boost brand awareness, improve visibility, increase the number of targeted leads, improve Return on Investment (ROI) and more.

Final thoughts

Running a website without developing a proper digital strategy would be a huge mistake. A well-optimized web presence strategy can help you make your business more visible and ensure that you are attracting consumers that are truly interested in your products and/or services. If you want to maximize the effects of web presence optimization, you must look for professionals that have experience in this field.

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