Igniting Innovative Change Through Design Thinking Facilitation Training

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is the main German development agency. It provides services in the field of international development cooperation and international education work. The organization’s goal is to deliver effective solutions that offer people better prospects and sustainably improve their living conditions.

The Challenge

The principal aim of GIZ Kosovo’s innovation initiative is to enrich its internal culture with innovative thinking and to refine their workforce’s approach to problem-solving. By putting a spotlight on the concept of user-centric solution generation, the objective is to design a comprehensive training module that would groom the employees to conceive and execute groundbreaking ideas, keeping their end-users at the core.

The collaboration with Solveo as an organization recognized for its excellence in Design Thinking facilitation, GIZ Kosovo aimed at driving this objective. The main goal was to transform GIZ Kosovo’s workforce through a Design Thinking Facilitation Training program and to train the team from Kosovo to become certified Design Thinking Facilitators and will further implement this process in their everyday work. The question that confronted us was straightforward: Can we leverage the principles of Design Thinking and the knack of workshop facilitation to instill a new mindset and practical skills among GIZ Kosovo’s employees, thus creating a shift in the way they perceive and address problems?

The program, designed meticulously, was tasked with giving participants a deep dive into the principles of Design Thinking, bolstering their facilitation skills and empowering them to plan and execute impactful workshops. It was a combination of a tailor-made curriculum and hands-on experiences that promised to equip GIZ Kosovo’s employees with the tools needed to steer innovation and revolutionize their approach to problem-solving.




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Design Thinking

Training Program Highlights:

Our work with the team began with a multifaceted training program. Each section of this program was designed to cover different aspects of Design Thinking facilitation. Leading this program were Solveo’s certified facilitators, who brought their extensive experience and knowledge to the table. They developed a curriculum that effectively balanced theory and practice, providing a comprehensive learning environment for participants.

As the program advanced, participants were given a chance to lead. These hands-on opportunities allowed them to step into the shoes of facilitators, planning and executing Design Thinking workshop simulations under the supervision of Solveo’s facilitators. This was their opportunity to use Design Thinking tools in practice, adapting them to solve real challenges within their organization.

Throughout the training, Solveo’s facilitators conducted educational sessions. They shared insights about planning, organizing, and leading Design Thinking workshops. Participants learned about the preparation process, effective engagement strategies, and how to handle difficult situations. These sessions ensured participants gained the knowledge and skills needed to successfully conduct workshops.

Once each hands-on session was complete, participants reflected on their experiences and received feedback. These sessions provided a supportive environment where participants could learn from their peers and the facilitators. The feedback received helped improve facilitation techniques, communication skills, and overall workshop experience. In this way, the program helped enhance the facilitation abilities of GIZ Kosovo’s workforce, encouraging innovation and a user-centric problem-solving approach.


Results and Benefits:

  • Empowered Facilitators: Through the training program, GIZ Kosovo transformed their employees into certified Design Thinking facilitators. Participants gained a deep understanding of Design Thinking principles and practical facilitation skills. They were equipped with the confidence and expertise to organize and conduct Design Thinking workshops within their organization.
  • Culture of Innovation: The Design Thinking Facilitation Training program fostered a culture of innovation within GIZ Kosovo. Participants embraced the Design Thinking mindset, encouraging collaboration, empathy, and creativity in problem-solving. The organization became a hub for generating innovative solutions that resonated with users’ needs.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Capabilities: By implementing Design Thinking methodologies, GIZ Kosovo’s employees experienced a significant improvement in their problem-solving capabilities. The training program provided them with a structured approach to address challenges, resulting in more effective and impactful outcomes.
  • Continued Support: Solveo’s partnership did not end with the completion of the training program. They provided ongoing support and consultation to the certified facilitators as they implemented Design Thinking workshops within GIZ Kosovo. This support ensured a smooth transition from training to practical application and enabled the facilitators to receive guidance and advice as they continued their journey.

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